Finally, this Christmas season, we’ll be able to offer some of our first Cut Your Own Christmas trees from our farm!  There will be roughly 100 Arizona Cypress (Blue Ice) Christmas trees that will be available to the public to harvest.  The Blue Ice trees aren’t your traditional Christmas trees; however, they have an incredible smell, boast beautiful bluish-green color, and look great!  If you’re looking for the freshest tree you can get, the Blue Ice trees are your answer!

In other news of the farm, we recently purchased an Alaskan chainsaw mill and have been milling up several types of trees from around the farm.  We’ve been drying these all summer and should have some live edge boards, serving trays, and a few other related items available in our shop this Holiday season.  We’re also in the process of building a dehumidification kiln to dry out the wood slabs at a faster rate.  During 2024 we’ll be looking to build a solar kiln to dry out thinner boards to be used throughout the farm given the steep increases in wood prices of late.  Thanks for checking out our posts and stay tuned for updates on our 2023 Christmas tree selection!